Meeting 2014-02-08 BT Infinity is here

Attending: Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran, Joe and Mike.
Tony spent the morning installing windows vista onto some laptops that he had bought at auction last week.
Elizabeth watched Lubuntu being installed onto a Dell laptop, and then wondered about all the different versions of Linux that might available.
A quick visit to showed the current top 100.
Joe sat in the corner with his macbook, coding away in Python on his latest project.
Kieran sat in the other corner helping the biscuits go down 😉
we all did!

BT Infinity 80/20 unlimited is now available at MakerspaceFY1
Or will be as soon as I upgrade to a point where my poor old network can keep up. 
The actual speed out of  the new modem/router is approximately 75M down, and 19M up. 
Unfortunately, the Smoothwall firewall can’t keep up, and reduces the speed by about half. I will have to build a faster one.
One of the old network switches, and maybe some of the old ethernet wiring is also implicated in the slowdown.
The only laptop that had a wireless card capable of getting full speed on wireless was the macbook belonging to Joe.
One netgear switch performed at full speed, as did the 7 year old floppy powered freesco router.
By next week, I hope to have the full speed available on all wired outlets, but laptops without a recent wireless card will have to manage with between 20 and 40M down 😉

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