Meeting 2014-02-15 – introducing the kitchen

Attending: Tony, Les, Ollie, Donald, James, Joe and Mike.
I am still trying to achieve a usable Mythbuntu setup. Donald has used Myth as his primary PVR for years, and has been patiently guiding my attempts. Our first attempt at the LUG was in 2011, using Mythbuntu version 10.04,  the writeup is here, 
I have been trying with limited  success off and on ever since.
For the last couple of recent attempts I used an Acer veritron which is similar to the Revo, but uses Intel graphics. Mythbuntu (Version 12.04) seems very stable and easier to setup  now, but I was not happy with the picture quality. 
Apparently, Nvidia graphics might produce better results than the Intel, so yet another install by Donald, on a box with Nvidia graphics. 
This is a quad core Packard Bell Imedia which I have not wanted to used previously, because of the power draw, but apparently there is a script that accesses the BIOS, and works in a similar way to ‘power on ethernet’ which can turn off the machine completely, and wake it up for recordings.
I have taken the machine home, and will write more about the progress in the future.
Another step towards becoming a ‘proper’ Makerspace, with the addition of our open plan mini kitchen, which includes a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle, and the obligatory kitchen sink.

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