Meetings – January 2014 overview

Attending: The usual suspects
I can’t believe it is the middle of February already, I took a couple of weeks off over Christmas, and it has taken me ages to get back ‘in the swing’. I didn’t write up any of the January meetings, so this is a brief overview of what we got up to.
Work on the soldering/electronics area is finished.
The  workbench is up,  the extractor is installed and  general purpose tools are available, including temperature controlled iron, solder sucker, multimeter, usb oscilloscope,  hand tools, cutters, pliers, clamps, tweezers, jumper wire, croc clips, breadboards, etc……..
Also, multiple parts bins and old computer boards to practice on.
The G4 powermac has been abandoned by Apple, and was no longer viable for use on the internet. (no up to date browser) 
Wiped the hard disk, and installed Debian for PPC. The installer is exactly the same as the PC installer, once you have learnt the ‘magic’ mac keypress to get the CD to boot.
Installed and working fine, but what I don’t understand is the really low bogomips score, these scores are in the thousands on PCs. Maybe because PPC is RISC, it doesn’t need to do millions of instructions per second (mips) to get things done.
Our 37″ TV has been broken for a while. It started to switch itself off after a couple of hours of use, then the time it would stay on got shorter and shorter, until it would not stay on at all.
Donald and I decided to attempt to repair it. 
There is only two (PCB)  boards inside, a power board and a picture board, so a 50/50 guess as to where the problem is?
Given the way the problem developed, it was a fair guess that the psu board had overheated and eventually failed.
Donald researched the board and we ordered this:-
PSU board removed

New PSU in place
And here it is working again on the back wall.
And finally, the hard disk clock on the wall.

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