Puppy Linux – Wireless and WPA Vs WEP

Geoff signed up to the LUG mailing list this week… Welcome Geoff.
“Hi Mike,      
Got your email address from a B’pool Ubuntu site. Think

we may have corresponded before. Anyway see you have meetings (with
biscuits!) in Blackpool, am hoping one of your members could help if I
attended the next one. I have a Satellite SP6000, I am trying to put
12.04LTS on it with no success over a number of weeks. When I tried
Mint mate it flashed a message about BIOS needing update.

Cheers Geoff .”
I checked the Satellite spec online, and it came with 256M memory, so I replied to Geoff indicating that most of the major distros like Mint and Ubuntu 12.04 would struggle, and suggested he try Puppy Linux.
Geoff had no luck with Puppy either, and when he arrived at the meeting, the laptop had a clean install  of Windows XP on it.
It turns out that Geoff was trying Linux because XP would not connect to his wireless router . But neither would Linux. Geoff had updated the bios, clean install of XP, added an extra 512M memory, and installed the latest wireless card drivers from Toshiba.
All to no avail, because the wireless card in the laptop does not support WPA .
I added an extra wireless netgear router on WEP to our network and the laptop connected perfectly in XP and Linux.
I know WEP is insecure, but if that is all you have………
Puppy is great for low spec machines, it even warned us about the WPA problem!
Puppy booting
Network config

Warning about WPA

Brightbox was on WPA – can’t connect
Netgear on WEP

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