Moving Forward – Plans For The Future

Although we weren’t scheduled to meet at Ripon Road for a couple of weeks due to various commitments we had an impromptu meeting at Ripon Road as Mike was able to open this week so we had an impromptu meeting this week, present were Arran, Les, Mike (off course) and me (Olly).
First we discussed the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr, one of the reasons Mike opened up was to download Lubuntu 14.04 to try it out. Les and I both agreed that we needed to have a look at it, I’m planning on running it as a VM to try it out later this week.

We also had quite alot of networking talk this week, both Arran and I have an interest in networking, I have to retake my Cisco Certified Network Associate exam this year, certification lasts for 3 years only.  So were were discussing the new CCNA syllabus and software provided for training, Mike’s son Joe who also attends the LUG quite alot is also taking his exam aswell.

The main topic of debate for the meeting however was further discussion on the issues raised at the last meeting which are detailed in Mike’s post last week, How and Why (a reason to exist). It was decided that the Makerspace should continue and that we needed to generate interest in it by undertaking maker projects and writing them up with pictures/videos etc to “show off” some of the cool things that happen and can be done at a Makerspace.

We then moved on to talk about ideas that we’d had for maker projects I raised the Mame Cabinet project that Les, Tony and I had talked about during one of our meets at our alternative venue Layton Raikes.  Les who was also working on a robot based around Pimoroni’s Pibrella and roboteering accessories suggested constructing robots and holding a Robot Wars style event at the Makerspace.  Arran also shared his plans to build a cycle computer, which recorded your speed, heart rate and location using arduino and various sensors.  The group agreed that they might not be able to implement all of the features in the first iteration of the device but it was decided that this would be good first project to undertake, not too ambitious and not requiring too many components.  Mike iterated that with all these projects the key is to record them well for posterity (photos and videos of the builds and end results, etc).  Les suggested using picture based social media to show progress on projects, Mike mentioned how one person who creates a social media account becomes responsible for posting to it which is why the LUG’s presence on various social media waxes and wanes!!  Mike thought it better to use the Blog as the focal point for all of the LUG/Makerspace updates.  We then discussed how the builds should take place: whether the initiator of the project should do the majority of the work, not necessarily at the Makerspace and then present the solution to the group and ask for help/additional input when needed; or we undertake the project as a group solely at the Makespace and record the progress made on that particular project at the end of each session, with any additional research and acquiring components done outside of the meetings to speed up builds.

Do you have any thoughts on the outcomes no the last meeting, do you attend or help to run a Makerspace and have had similar discussions and want to share your wisdom, are you considering attending either the LUG or Makerspace and you would like to see us organise both this way, then get intouch with us on Twitter or on our Google + page or join our Google + Community to start a discussion.

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