Wiki Vs Github for collaboration – a virtual space?

During a recent discussion about on line collaboration for projects, Simon from Preston Makerspace mentioned using Github instead of a wiki.
I had always thought of Github as a place for coders, but a quick search proved otherwise.

Article – collaborative writing on Github:

Article – Who needs wikis when you have github:

Here is a link to a Taco recipe project on Github:
This is the index to all the recipes.

A comment from one of the articles:

“First, most wiki systems offer comprehensive history with diffs, though of course they don’t typically track branches, and therefore there’s no concept of merges. Second, it’s not that hard to imagine my aunt editing a Wikipedia article (especially with the recent improvements to the visual editor). But we’re a long way from my aunt being able to generate and manage her ssh keys.”

Github suggest otherwise with their flow system.
Now that you can delete files directly on GitHub we’ve reached a very exciting milestone—the entire GitHub Flow™ is now possible using nothing but a web browser.

Github guides:

Another comment:

“Meanwhile even though we still have GitHub, the DokuWiki offers a much cleaner interface and more advanced features for building out a robust wiki for documentation.”

It seems like the choice between Github and a wiki would probably come down to personal preference and experience.

The following article , which the last comment came from,  goes into detail about the choices made, and ends up preferring Dokuwiki, but retaining github and linking the wiki to it.

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