May 10th LUG & Makerspace Meeting

We had a somewhat quieter more chilled LUG after last week, present Mike (off course), Les, Tony, Arran, Elizabeth, her friend Susan, Keiron and me (Olly).

Tony took Elizabeth through a step by step tutorial for downloading and installing Linux Mint on a laptop she had rescued, they experienced a few difficulties with the machine as it had come to Elizabeth in quite a poor condition.  Tony showed her how to download the “iso” image from Linux Mint’s website and how to “burn” or extract the image onto a USB stick so they could boot and install from it.  They had to do this twice as there was some confusion as to whether the laptop was 64 or 32 Bit architecture.

Mike showed Susan around the Makerspace and explain how his PC recycling business works and explained the Linux operating system and demonstrated various bits of hardware inside a laptop and desktop computer.

Arran and I had ago hacking various Cisco network appliances which Mike had accumulated to understand what routing and switching features each appliance was capable of.  Both Arran and I have an interest in network infrastructure but duo to the cost of Cisco appliances don’t often get access to them to interrogate them in this way.  One of the switches we found had a serial connection as opposed to the console or USB connections most Cisco Appliances come with as standard to administer them through.  So we spent the early part of the LUG working out how we could connect our laptops to it using some of the port converters Mike had in his collection.

Les and Keiron spent the majority of the session building a Pimoroni Robot kit and programming it using Python GPIO libraries.  Kerion also helped Elizabeth and Tony with the trouble shooting the doner laptop towards the end of the session.

Olly, Les, Tony and Mike reflected on the day and how they could further expand meetings and engage more people at the Makerspace.

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