The teenagers take over – Blackpool LUG and Makerspace

Mike, Joe, Tony,Elizabeth, Kieran, and a warm welcome to new visitors Michael and his son Richard, and Mark and his son Ben. This week, the teenagers almost outnumbered the oldies and I had to break out the reserve chairs!

The first important task of the day was generated by golden oldie Elizabeth who brought a “broken” model car clock in the hopes of finding a suitable screw to unite clock to car.  Michael produced a selection from his prized collection – a suitable screw was identified, and Elizabeth completed this incredibly difficult task using a multi-bit screwdriver she had been gifted by Tony.

Joe has been getting to grips with learning a new (to him) programming language called PHP on his MAC computer.

Elizabeth brought 2 laptops and a tablet for upgrading to Linux Mint 17.  The Acer Aspire 5332 proceeded without any difficulty using a USB stick.  The Asus laptop would not upgrade using USB so a disk was used – for some reason the OS would partially install but then crashed (twice).  Identification of the problem needs more time than allowed here.  Elizabeth wanted Lubuntu installing on the tablet and Tony obliged. However, having selected the UK keyboard layout it installed the US keyboard.  Changing the preference was in Preferences> Keyboard & Mouse

Tony assisted Elizabeth & joined in lively discussions about various topics.

Kieran has been learning terminal commands (general) as well as for Python. Updating his laptop also happened.

New visitors this week were Michael with his son Richard – who have specific interests in 3D printers (a project under investigation/research with a view to actual production) as well as discussing the advantages of different operating systems specifically Linux versus Windows (with a particular focus on spreadsheets).

Other new visitors, Mark and his son Ben, brought newly constructed Robot,  called The OWL-535 (Maplin) Robot Arm.  Ben built the robot and now both are in the progress of downloading Python to make it function.  The Robot is purely an educational exercise.

The teenagers then moved on to some ‘murder and mayhem’  playing a multi player online game.

Tony brought Brioche – to maintain brain stimulus – Mark and Ben brought the chocolate biscuits – many thanks to all.  Mike produced the coffee – the perfect host as always.

Lively discussions took place throughout the morning – a great meet!

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