Makerspace and LUG meeting -2014-06-07


Mike, Les, Tony, Joe, Elizabeth, Kieran, Michael, Richard, Mark, James

Les worked with  Kieran programming a Robot  using an application called Scratch. The Robot was programmed to move forward, then turn 90 degrees  right at regular intervals. The robot successfully drove around  a square shape on the table. 
Richard also helped Kieran with the Robot programming.

Tony & Elizabeth upgraded 2 laptops & a Netbook to Linux Mint 17.

Joe has been attempting to make apps for iPhone & took a video of the Robot in action.

Michael is researching a  3D Printer project, before deciding which one to go for.

Mark brought two laptops, one needed a BIOS update which was completed successfully.
The other laptop was used to control the robot Maplin arm.
Once the Python Libraries were sorted out, Mark programmed his Robot to grab & raise a flexible rubber lizard.

Les carefully Blu Tacced his Raspberry Pi and camera to the front of the TV and 
took a time lapse video of the morning. 

James arrived at 12-30 and missed all the fun 😉

The teenagers again fell foul to murderous deeds (online games) to finish off their session. 

Thanks to E, T and Michael(2) for providing brioche, jaffa cakes and chocolate chip cookies and to Mike for providing the LUG facility as well as being the perfect coffee host.

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