Largest turn out ever – getting busy again

Makerspace and LUG 21.6.2014 

Largest turn out ever – we had to open extra areas to accommodate the different activities.


Michael, Les, Ollie, Tony, Joe, Elizabeth, Kieran, Susan, Michael (2), Richard, Arran, Chris, Tom

Tom at his own personal ‘mission control’
Various projects happening in the main area

Les and Ollie ~ assessed an old “flat” constructed computer for suitability to install Arcade software. A video camera was set up to record progress and Les intends producing a time lapse video to demonstrate.
Les, Ollie & Kieran & Richard have installed some arcade software on this computer and played Robotype.  The plan for next week, or the week after, is to obtain the Arcade kit and build it.

Time lapse video from the workbench here:-

Tony – helped Elizabeth & Susan to update their hardware to Mint 17 and then showed Elizabeth how to download Linux Mint 17. Once downloaded, Tony demonstrated how to use  the Mint 17 ISO  to create a bootable DVD and bootable USB stick.

Joe – had a laid back games session.

Michael (2) – brought an old, slow-running, Dell Vostro laptop with the aim of extracting/transferring necessary info elsewhere with a view to speeding up the laptop for his wife’s use.

Richard – helped with the Arcade software. He helped his Dad (Michael (2) to back up his computer & also set up a Minecraft server on his own laptop.

Arran – updated Windows 7 & Servers using Virtual Box.

Chris – brought in a Windows CE hand held pc for Tom. He also brought in an Android TV dongle to demonstrate using Michael’s flat screen large TV.

We demo’d a similar android dongle last year here:-

Tom – has been installing programs onto his mini computer (brought in for him by Chris) & also working on the Arcade project with Les and Ollie.

Michael ensured a great meeting for all with assistance where needed; coffee readily available; and discussion/explanations when necessary.

There were various edible contributions this week (YUM!) – Brioche, Jaffa Cakes; Caramel Shortcake Bites; Big & Chunky Maryland and Dark Chocolate Digestives.

Thank you to Elizabeth for writing this post.

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