Meeting 12th July 2014

Well, another well attended and successful meeting this morning.

Mike H, Mike 2, Elizabeth, Kieran, Tony, Joe, Tom, Catherine, Richard, Joshua and Andy in attendance. Welcome to new visitors Andy, Joshua and Katherine.

I was installing both Mint 13 xfce and Windows 7 onto a laptop and a desktop tower brought in by Elizabeth. After install the laptop needed a new video driver and Xorg.config file creating as the graphics card was a SIS card and not recognised correctly in Mint by default.

A quick trip to this page

and after a bit of terminal wizardry the driver was installed and the Xorg.conf file was created. A quick reboot later and the correct screen resolution was recognised by the system.

The Windows install had to happen twice as the first time I mistakenly installed the 32bit version and there was no Ethernet driver for this so after a reinstall of the 64bit Tom then installed the Ethernet driver and we were able to activate the install and Elizabeth will complete the updates at home (over 400mb of them).

The younger members playing  minecraft

Josh with the help of Tom was installing a dual boot win7 and Mint 17 xfce on his Acer One netbook.

Quite a busy and successful morning.


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