LUG and Makerspace meeting – more MAME and Pi B+

Present:  Michael, Joe, Les, Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran and a warm welcome to new member, Rick who is interested in Arduino/music/midi and related stuff.

Les brought along a dual xeon rack mounting server kindly donated by one of our remote members – thanks Heed.

Mike explained  binary and hex to Elizabeth with a little maths session, then went on to explain the relationship between binary and voltage levels on the data bus. ASCII also got a mention, but by then Elizabeth had information overload.

Les worked on the MAME, project, transferring 40GB of games onto the Hard Drive as well as making a list of the most popular games.
During testing of the MAME project, there was a discussion comparing retro games to modern offerings.
Once testing has finished, the internals of this compaq evo will be removed and fitted into a cabinet.

Kieran took his first look at the edX Foundation Course, and helped test some of the MAME roms by playing them on a laptop.

Tony brought the latest B+ Raspberry Pi & explained the improvements.

Joe created an Analytical tool using Python. 
The tool scans for all instances of a specific (steam) game. When found, the server is polled for the number of players, and the maps in use.
Joe is trying to improve the service on the game he hosts by finding out what the most popular instances are doing.

There was a short discussion about how the group would be managed after we move to our new premises.

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