Makerspace & LUG meeting 16.8.14 – Full house for the Arduino session

Present: Mike, Joe, Michael (2), Les, Richard, Elizabeth, Kieran, Andy, Joshua, Chris, Rick and a warm welcome to four new visitors, Arthur, Sue, Jack, and Kimball,  

Les started an Arduino session setting up those interested with Shrimps & helping them achieve various tasks.  Kieran and Richard were making lights go on & off; Jack & family set up a Shrimp called Ping, which worked by sensor – 2 lights, green & red – as a hand approaches & gets within 2 cm the light changes from green to red & as the hand withdraws the light reverts to green.
Rick was using Shrimp for the 1st time & making a light go on & off.

Joe was continuing his hunt for Gary’s Mod Game Servers carried forward from last meeting.

Chris and Joshua worked on  structural changes to Josh’s website, using node.js.

Jack brought with him his School project, worked on by the entire family as an end of term project.  “Monster in the Box” – a wooden box, built & decorated by Jack (aged 10) – with a switch on top. When the switch is flicked the Monster gets angry and turns it off again! He demonstrated this and there really was a Monster which emerged & nastily turned it off & snappily returned from whence he came. (Mikro basic programming used). Using Scratch Jack went on to create characters.

Kimball worked on an Electromagnetic Field Badge (for a Technology Camping Festival at Bletchley, 29th-31st August 2014).  Kimball’s task was to programme (MPU) so that the Badge would be fully functional irrespective of direction it was held. (Currently fixed in a single landscape position).

Quote and pictures from Les:
Awesome day @MakerspaceFY1 we had 15 eager @arduino hackers and makers

Goodies (AKA brain food) kindly provided by Kieran’s Nana and Les.  Mike, the perfect host as always, made sure the coffee machine was continuously refilled.

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