Blackpool Makerspace and LUG meeting 23/08/2014

Attending: Michael, Joe, Les, Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran, Michael (2), Richard, and Joshua

General discussions:-

3D Printers, obtaining parts; types of glass (& lubricants); Solvents etc
Comparisons between Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi; 
Mouse preferences over touch pads; 
Wiki advertising; Server sizes & costs;  
Online payment Providers & agreements; 
Bricklaying for the common man (or woman!)/Plastering/Wallpapering (hysteria creeping in!); wood burners and firebrick cutting; 
Buying cheap electronics from China via eBay; 
Gas pressures/supplies/upgrades;
generational loss of information/interpretations; 
Blackpool floods of 1976 & extreme weather generally.

Discussion also took place about the next 2 week meetings for the Lug which will be relocating temporarily.  Michael (2) has kindly offered to accommodate us for this period at his own home & will email members shortly with details. 

Joe continued his Server Analysis project.

Richard helped Kieran download & install Hamachi server, and used the GUI called Haguichi for configuration and administration.  Kieran could then join Richard’s Minecraft Server.

Les was working on a sensor Robot which was partially successful but failing on finding direction.

Tony also helped Elizabeth with a panel issue on Mint 17. The panel was accidentally removed & efforts to restore were partial & not acceptable.
If anyone else has this issue the following command restores the panel back to its original state: –  
sudo mate-panel –reset

Many thanks to those who provided this week’s brain food and to Michael for providing the Space and the coffee.

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