MakerspaceFY1 our new home

LUG meeting 13.9.14

Present:  Mike Hull. Richard, Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran, Arthur and Jack.

Our existing home at Ripon road will have to be abandoned when the landlord sells the building. The original sale date has passed, without a sale. No new information is available yet. But we will have to move eventually.
Fortunately, one of our members, Mike Hull, has offered us the use of the basement in his guest house in central Blackpool. The basement still needs clearing out and preparing for use and that job is ongoing.

This week, while I (Mike Hewitt) am away on holiday, Mike is hosting the first meeting in the dining room of his guest house. Here is how it went:-
Tony replaced the mint desktop panel on Susan’s laptop. (she had accidentally eliminated it and failed to restore).  The key to the issue was the need to place a new panel (top of screen), delete the old panel, go to properties on the new panel & move it to bottom, open terminal, enter command: 
sudo mate-panel –reset, then do a restart.

Jack was introduced (by Tony) to the latest Scratch 2 version.

There were various interesting discussions:
Producing clones using programming.
Using arduino’s to light up various places in a home miniature train set (Arthur).
Les & Tony’s teaching experience in Wolverhampton.
Raspberry Pi & Minecraft learning.
Building a robot (using arduino), arming it with a salvo of 6 loom bands, & making it fire them.
Use of sudo commands in Linux.
Future membership contributions for the Club continuance at Mike’s home.
Security & elevated privileges.
Python courses – MOOK.

With grateful thanks to Mike Hull for hosting our meeting at his home and providing drinks/biscuits.  Thank You.

Thank you to Elizabeth for writing this post.

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