MakerspaceFY1 & LUG – Hot air rework station – computer repairs and much more

Present: Michael, Joe, Elizabeth, Arthur, Jack, Michael (2), Richard


Michael de-soldered some surface mount components using this hot air reflow station followed by a discussion about various  soldering and de-soldering techniques.

Arthur Discussed the walking motion and personality of his robot,  servo velocities leading to synchronisation issues and compared tracked Vs bi-ped robots

programming using 3D software, 

NetFlix documentary about 3D Printers well worth watching.
Discussed how to go about the next repairs to our 3D printer.

How teaching techniques and methods are changing over time. 
Cheap arduinos from China 99p !

Using Win-AVR for arduino work – single stepping, register displays and simulations, 

job applications and availability  following graduation from University, highest paid jobs currently in Computer Engineering,  
education at home & abroad for the young traveller, Japanese visa difficulties,

Last week Elizabeth took home a fully operational Compaq desktop & TV monitor which subsequently failed  to display anything on the screen. 
Wiring was checked & ok. It appears that  after rebooting, linux mint had reset the monitor  resolution higher than the screen (an old Orion TV) could display  resulting in a blank display. 
Following on from this was a failure to set up wireless dongles (2 different ones tried) 

Mint kept misbehaving on each reboot until all the recently available updates were applied, after that, it left the resolution at the chosen setting, and the wireless dongle worked.

Elizabeths next issue was how to Reinstall grub2 from LiveCD, the installation had succeeded but had put the grub  boot loader in the wrong place. – This was happening on an HP laptop whose monitor had been vandalised. (see blog from last week).  

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