LUG 8.11.14

Present:  Mike, Joe, Tony, Les, Ollie, Elizabeth, Arthur, Jack, Mike (2), Richard, Surly

Discussions on various topics including:
3D Printer issues past & present. (all)
Upgrading to Linux Mint 17 (compatability mode) with Grub issues on HP laptop which had been vandalised (monitor removed, ongoing saga) – attempted upgrade to XFCE – grub failed again. Tony deleted all previous partitions & created a new one then reinstalled Mate. Failed. Tony then created a separate boot partition and then reinstalled Mate. Failed again.  Next plan is to attempt installation via DVD. (next meeting with the loan of Mike’s external DVD player, please). (Elizabeth & Tony)

Creating an automatic firelighter (mechanical)…. novel ways to make a brew etc…. Scouts in mind. (Arthur)
Internet connection issue (Mike 2), Dell laptop, Windows 8.1. The manual input of the IP address fixed the issue.  Mike (2) then ran an anti-virus scan (freedrweb/cureit) to check for laptop issues generally. (2 threats were found).

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