First midweek (evening) LUG meetup

Our first ever midweek (evening) LUG meetup took place at Ripon Road on Thursday 20th November. Started at 6.30, and finished at 10.15.

 Attending: Olly, Tony and Mike.

 Olly and Tony engaged in a marathon two hour podcast recording, stay tuned for the release date.

 I spent the time looking at emoncms from the open energy monitor project (Because) I have been sending room temperature data to Xively since it’s name was cosm then pachube.

 The first post about the initial arduino attempts is here: here I can’t believe it was two years ago! I want to set up a home automation system, probably using a Raspberry Pi, which can not only monitor items, but control them as well.

 More posts to follow, hopefully not two years later.

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