Temperature monitoring display using old Android tablet

My home temperature monitoring project moved on another step with the addition of this  old Android 2.3 tablet used to display the current temperatures around the house. Two downloads from the app store were needed,  Stay awake , and Web reloader .  One keeps the screen permanently on, and the other one  is needed to refresh the page regularly to update the temperatures. 
I started this project several years ago, and this post shows the original stripboard arduino/shrimp and 433 tranceivers 
Later, I switched to using separate transmitters and receiver like these:-
And these are the Dallas DS18B20 1-Wire Digital Thermometer temperature sensors:-
This is a later version of the temperature transmitter which is battery powered by 4 rechargeable AA batteries. The circuit board is sitting on top of the battery holder.
An overview of the project so far.
There is one standard arduino uno fitted with an ethernet shield and a 433 receiver, this is the gateway.  The Gateway receives the temperatures from the transmitters, and forwards the temperatures to Xively (used to be called cosm, then pachube) . The android tablet is displaying the xively web page. Next up,  add a raspberry pi to do data logging and a web server to replace xively.
So far, all I have is monitoring, and the next major step forward will be control.
Recently, I have been experimenting with turning electrical appliances on and off using the pi with the 433 transmitter mentioned above, and these radio controlled power sockets:-
The on/off signals produced by the remote control have been decoded, and can be reproduced by the pi, and sent via the 433 transmitter. A basic web page with buttons that mimic the layout of the remote control is used to turn the switch on and off. This will be the subject of another post.
Happy new year to all.

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