Blackpool LUG and Makerspace – at home with our new host.

Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Kieran, Phyllis, James, Les Arthur, Joe, Ricky, Jeff and Martin.

 Mike Hull is our new host, and meetings now take place in the dining room of the ‘Crossways’, which Mike owns on Tyldesley Road in Central Blackpool.

Directly below the dining room is the basement which will eventually become the new home for the LUG and Makerspace, once renovations are complete.

Les surveys the work still to be done.
Steps down from the street will provide a separate private entrance to the space. 
The meeting in full swing.
Arthur was on a windows 10 quest, “RT Arthur G: Time to find out what Windows 10 IoT on Raspberry Pi is about… Blackpool Makerspace biglesp …

Les was having Pi, 
RT biglesp: I spent the morning hacking around with Astro Pi while Blackpool Makerspace All the kids went nuts for it!… “

James dropped off a multifunction printer for Arthur to strip for parts.
Arthur brought a large tower case for Ricky to use on a proposed new build.
Jeff discussed the possibility of using Joomla for a website he was considering building.
Joe continued work on his game server, Gary’s Mod/TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town).
Martin expressed an interest in extending his Java knowledge.
I spent the morning exploring Tiddlywiki as a potential replacement for Dokuwiki. 

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