Blackpool LUG and Makerspace Meeting 9th May 2015

Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Kieran, Phyllis, Tony, Les Arthur, Ricky, Jeff and Martin.

The work on the new space is ongoing.

The floor in the basement will be 100 mm higher after the insulation has been installed, necessitating a similar rise of 100 mm for the door lintels.
With the Acro in place, bricks are removed ready for new lintel to go in.

 Meanwhile, directly above, on the next floor, a quick talk from Les

Next, Les demonstrates how it is done

Arthur turns on an LED with his Apple watch

Ricky attempts to remote control his robot

Tony gets his oled screen to display his name

Les never runs out of parts

Arthur waxes lyrical about Microsoft and their new ‘community’ IOT vision on the mailing list, here
He was so convincing that I spent the morning installing windows 10, finally succeeding after hitting this snag which goes back to windows 7: 
“Setup was unable to create a system partition or locate an existing partition.”
and finding the answer here on the druss blog:
With windows 10 installed, visual studio was downloaded and installed.
I then mentioned to Arthur that we might need to change the group name from Blackpool LUG and Makerspace, to Blackpool Makerspace with a windows view 🙂
Thanks again to Mike Hull for hosting the meeting, and for “working his socks off” getting the basement ready to host the meetings in future. 

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