9th May Meeting – 3 more images

The floor of the new makerspace area will be raised to provide more insulation so the door lintels also need raising.
Inside the makerspace, one of the new window units can be partially seen.  This one needed it’s lintel replacing.

Les giving an interesting demo. Tony is getting his OLED screen working with an Arduino Nano clone.  

A mistake I made with the clone Nano is not looking at the correct pin out diagram for the clone Nano.  Most pinout diagrams give the I2C as being on pins D4 and D5, on the clone Nanos the correct pins are A4 and A5.

Here’s the correct pinout diagram (link supplied by Les)

The I2C scanner sketch is useful for checking your I2C is working, it’s here: http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner

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