Meeting 11th July 2015 – Pi, windows 10, rtos

Basement space update.

Mike and Arthur stood in the area which will become the toilet/shower/washroom, the framework for the walls already in place.
Various projects ongoing in the temporary space (Mikes dining room)

Arthur has started using the Raspberry Pi for one of his robot projects

and wants precise motor (real-time?) control for the walking motion, but the Raspberry Pi does not
support real time operations when it is running raspbian.
Arthur has found a pseudo real-time library that may do the job and will report back about this in due course.
Doing a Google search for Raspberry Pi rtos brings up multiple
hits and possibly one of these would be of use.

RISC OS can be installed to the Raspberry Pi

and RISC OS can exert full control over the Raspberry Pi and do real time
So yet another possibility, although Arthur  has said he is not keen on learning more programming languages and operating systems.

I looked at windows 10 on the raspberry pi. The documentation is clear and easy to follow. getting started guide
You need windows 10 installed on a computer, not a virtual machine, to get windows 10 onto the pi.

New pi to run windows 10
In a post on the Raspberry Pi blog

Upton writes that the Raspberry Pi 2 will be compatible 

with Windows 10 

BUT:- “it’s windows Jim, but not as we know it”

There seem to be quite a few disappointed people who were expecting a full desktop version of 

windows 10.

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