Meeting 1st August – Karman filters, robots, programming, rainwater re-use.

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Ricky, Les, Tony, Arthur, Martin, and Cliff.

Arthur is still pursuing the perfect robot, and continued his discussion with Martin about cleaning up signals using filters, specifically, the Kalman filter.
“Kalman filters also are one of the main topics in the field of robotic motion planning and control,”

This link was suggested as a useful resource on control systems.

By the end of the morning, Arthur started to consider that the mathematics might be too involved for him to fully understand. However, you do not need a maths degree to use systems designed by others, and Martin provided Arthur with some Python code to try.

Les continued to improve his barcode scanning game,
Tony was experimenting with Scratch programming
Ricky spent the morning gaming,

Basement update: 

No pictures this week.
Mike Hull started to plan the layout and implementation of the proposed rain water re-use system, which will use an Arduino as the control system.
Work has been going on outside of the basement in preparation for various ancillary systems including rainwater and waste water re-use. 

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