Meeting – 15th August 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Martin and Tom.

Basement space update:

Work on the rainwater recycling system has started with the installation of a header tank in the loft.
Rainwater will be collected in a tank at ground level, and pumped to the tank in the loft. The loft tank has two feeds and two control systems. A feed from the water main is controlled by a ball cock system, which keeps the tank half full. When rainwater is available, water is pumped up from the ground floor tank, when the tank is filled to capacity a sensor turns off the pump. Mains water only comes into use if no rainwater is available.

Having discussed the water system, we moved on to talk about

solar, wind and water power.
In the UK, we use a lot of energy on heating and lighting during the long winter evenings, when there is no solar power being produced. Could wind power be at least part of the answer, we are on a windy coast, where historically, there have been windmills, some of which are still standing.

What is the best way to harvest and store solar/wind energy?
What is actually cost effective and viable/practical when you take away government supported schemes?
Biomass and wood burning stoves. Have you got a garage to spare to fill up with the required fuel?
Should solar PV tiles be used to roof every new house built?
Is the insulation going into new houses environmentally friendly?
Will water meters push more people to recycle water?

There were far more questions than answers, and in some cases, it is not easy to find out which are the correct answers.

Arthur was at the BBC make it digital display opposite the tower.

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