Blackpool LUG&Makerspace meeting 22nd August 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Ricky, Tony, Les, Martin, Arthur and James.

Basement space update

The shower/washroom/toilet cubical partition wall is in place and has sound insulation behind the plasterboard skin. 
All the copper water pipes are in place and tested for leaks. 
Cabling for mains sockets, lighting and networking are being put into place.
From next week, there is going to be a major push forward in an attempt to make the space usable for the “make:shift:do” event in October, 

More information can be found here:<> and applications can be made via the Crafts Council website or accessed directly here – you must create a Crafts Council log-in to apply.
James demonstrated his new HP Pro stylus 8 Android tablet.
The HP Pro stylus 8 can do a really neat trick.
Use the stylus to write or draw on a standard paper notebook placed next to the screen, and whatever is written/drawn, appears on the screen.
The handwriting recognition is really good as well.
Arthur has built a one armed robot:-
“I have finished the hardware side for a simple one servo Kalman filter testing robot.  It’s an inverted pendulum with the accelerometer/gyro at the top of the arm.  I have a second identical robot that just needs the electronics adding, the idea is I’ll have one and I’ll give the other to Martin and his son to play with.  Once the software is written for it I’ll really get into trying to learn the maths.”

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