Notes from the first Committee Meeting – 19th Sptember 2015

Hi All,

The following is a summary of the meeting last week where we discussed the future of the Club and the upcoming Open Day.
Please let me know if you are aware of any omissions or errors, I (Mike Hull) didn’t start off planning minutes for publication.

Makerspace & LUG

Saturday 19th September 2015


Mike Hewitt

Tony Hughes


Arthur Garlick

Jeff Roscoe

Mike Hull

Richard Hull (Junior Member)

It should be noted that these notes are a
summary of the discussions which took place, not a complete narration.

1          Purpose of Meeting

To discuss the immediate future of the Club
and the planned Open Day sponsored by the Craft Council.

2          Constitution

It was proposed that the Club adopt a constitution
to put the Club on a more formal footing which would enable us to open a bank
account to accept monies immediately from the Craft Council and others in the
future. A draft Constitution was presented and was agreed in principal, subject
to discussion regarding the details.

3          Name

There was discussion regarding the name of
the Club. Whilst it was recognized that the club had a history regarding the
LUG, in order to encourage new members a more general descriptive term would
encompass many different interests. It was decided to rename the Club
“BLACKPOOL MAKERSPACE” incorporating Blackpool LUG.

4          Committee

It was agreed the club should elect a
committee to make executive decisions for the club and to control the finances.
Following discussions the following were elected:

            Chairman         Mike Hull

            Secretary         Mike Hewitt

            Treasurer         Tony Hughes

5          Bank

It was agreed to open a bank account with
Santander Bank as soon as possible. Tony Hughes agreed to look into this

6          Funds

It was agreed, to encourage new members, we
would not charge a fixed membership fee but charge £2.00 per attendance at club
meetings. There would be no charge for Junior Members but they must be
accompanied by a paying adult member who shall be responsible for their safe
use of equipment and conduct.

£12.00 was collected at the meeting to
start our funds.

7          Health and Safety

It was agreed that certain equipment should
require a “Use and Safety” briefing prior to use by Members. This was agreed in
principal with details to be worked out later.

It was agreed the Club would need insurance
and that Mike Hull would look into this.

8          Craft Council Open Day

We have signed up for the Craft Council
sponsored Open Day on the weekend of 24th October 2015.

Following discussions it was broadly agreed
what presentations would be made and who would supervise each area.

Local advertising for the event will be
arranged by Les Pounder with assistance from Arthur Garlick. Mike Hull will
look into insurance requirements for the event. Les Pounder agreed to review
health and safety issues. Mike Hull expressed confidence in our new meeting
space being available for the day. With Members assisting where possible the
venue construction work would not be finished but would be in a safe state for
occupancy on the day.

9          Close

Many thanks to all who attended and
resolved necessary issues.


1. Name of organisation

Blackpool Makerspace

2. Aims

meeting place where members can converse, learn, socialise and collaborate to
make their own projects a reality or help others with theirs.

To encourage others, especially junior members, to be constructive and develop
their own projects.

3. Members

Membership is open to all enquiring and/or creative

Member’s details shall be entered in the
Membership List.

Members shall pay a subscription to the club
which shall be varied at the discretion of the Committee.

Junior Members shall be accompanied by an
adult Member who shall be responsible for supervising the Junior Member.

Membership may be terminated by the Committee
should a Member’s conduct be deemed unconducive to the wellbeing of the Club or
the Membership.

4. Equal opportunities

The club will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or
national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital
status or age.

5. Committee

Most matters concerning the running of the
Club shall be decided by consensus of the Membership in ordinary meeting.

Matters which cannot be decided by general
consensus shall be determined by the Committee. The Committee shall decide if a
General Meeting of all Members is required to resolve an issue.

The Committee shall consist of Chairman,
Secretary and Treasurer who are elected annually by the Members.

The Committee shall work together for the
best benefit of the Club and the Members.

The Committee shall be elected annually by
the Membership. Should a Committee place become vacant for any reason the
Membership shall elect an additional Committee member in a General Meeting to
serve until the next annual election.

6. Meetings

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of Members shall
be held at least every 15 months.

Notice of an Annual General Meeting shall
be notified to the Members via the email mailing list. Minimum notice of 14
days is required for an AGM.

General Meeting

Under circumstances that concern the
majority of the Members the Committee may call a General Meeting of Members to
discuss matters.

7. Rules of procedure

The Members wishes will be
indicated by a show of hands in ordinary meetings and at the AGM.

The Committee, having considered the Members
preferences, shall have discretion in all matters which may have legal
implications for the Club and/or the Membership.

8. Finances

The club is run on a not-for-profit basis and shall be self-sustaining in
its operation.

The finances of the Club shall be controlled
by the Committee.

A bank account shall be opened for the Club
to hold the balance of funds.

Members shall pay a membership subscription.
The nature and amount of the subscription shall be decided by the Committee and
ratified by the Members at the AGM.

9. Changes to the Constitution

Proposed changes to the
Constitution should be notified to the Committee to be included for discussion
at the next AGM.

Notice of proposed changes should be given at
least seven days prior to the AGM.

10. Dissolution

In circumstances that may lead to the
dissolution of the Club the Committee shall call a General Meeting of Members.

In event of dissolution any assets of the
club may be liquidated and any remaining funds, after all liabilities have been
accounted for, shall be passed on to a group with similar aims to the Club.

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