Pictures from meeting Saturday 31st October

The national make: shift: do event is over, and we are back to opening each Saturday at 10 as usual.

The first order of the day was to repair a little acer desktop belonging to Arthur.
Once it was working again, and showing Windows 10, a discussion started about Microsoft forcing Windows 10 upgrades onto unsuspecting users.

Users reported that Microsoft had added the Windows 10 upgrade into the normal update channel and ticked as default. If you just accepted the updates without looking at what was being updated, you were upgraded to Windows 10.

see this link for description and screenshots:

I run Windows 7 for the built in media centre, which I use for recording TV. I don’t want windows 10 on this machine because:

‘Upgrading’ to windows 10 removes the media centre software, and if you want media centre back, you have to pay for it. (or reinstall windows 7, if you have the knowhow)

What would it be called if you installed a piece of software which removed one of your programs, and then asks you to pay to get it back?

Windows 10 displaying after the repair. 
Tony has the right idea, installing Linux mint. If you don’t like what Linux mint does, you can just switch to a Linux distro that you do approve of.
 No payment required, and you avoid having to jump through all the licence key obstacles which you often encounter when trying to (re)install Microsoft software.
The usual clutter of projects that happen each week

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