Makerspace 23/01/16

Present were Mike, Richard, Mike, Les, Tony, Dave, Ted, Nathan and mum, Josh and Arthur.


Thanks must go to Lara who ferried two packed car loads of donated kit to the makerspace from a not so local school.  Thank you, we will make good use of it!  The donation consists of a lot of old PC kit and monitors.

I recently volunteered to help a Preston school with the challenge, one of the young guys at makerspace said he was doing the challenge.  I wasn’t sure what school I’d volunteered for but it turns out we will be on the same team!  More on this challenge as it unfolds over the next few months.


Lots of interesting projects going on in the ‘space but my interest was in Richards gaming PC build.  Here are a few pictures:



Richard isn’t small, the Fractal Designs case really is spacious and offers a lot of choices.  I have taken some pics of my PC below which is the same case and my setup differs quite a lot.



Watercooled setup. Getting this installed right took a while.  The radiator is installed in the top of the case with the fans in between the case and the radiator.



I think Richard was most excited (and worried) about getting the graphics card in.


Coming together nicely.  Unfortunately I had to leave before the switch on.



Two pics of my setup at home.  Same fractal case and similar water cooled unit.  As I thought, my fans are on the inside of the water cooling radiator, as per instructions on mine which differs from Richards.

I placed my radiator at the front of the case not the top.  I don’t think the front is as efficient a place for the radiator but having the top exposed seemed risky and I didn’t need the drive bays.


The glare is because the pics were taken with flash through the perspex side to my case, which needs a dust!

AMD Firepro W7100 graphics card might not be a gamers choice and it looks a bit pedestrian compared to nvidia, but it is a beast and drives 2 4K monitors without breaking into a sweat.  It is designed to drive 3 4K monitors and a 4th 1080 monitor.

I have removed the 2 modular drive bays in mine to make room for the radiator.  There is a mount for the SSD drive beneath the motherboard (on the other side of the panel the motherboard bolts to) in this case and that is where the 1Tb SSD sits in my setup.




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