Cloud based Photogrammetry tests

I used the comparison article on wikipedia to choose 3 free to use cloud based photogrammetry services.

I selected:,,

Note: arc3d requires a desktop application to to pre-process and upload the pictures. The application is available for xp, vista, windows7, Mac os10.7 and linux source code. I could not get the source code to compile, the xp and vista applications did not work, but the win7 did. I did not try on a Mac. The software has obviously not been upgraded for a while.

I uploaded the same set of 50 pictures to each service. The pictures were taken outdoors with a hand held Panasonic camera set on manual to 100 iso and 10 megapixel resolution. responded after 2 hours with an error message suggesting I contact “the developers”, no response from after 36 hours, autodesk recap processed the 50 pictures in less than 2 hours and supplied the results as a downloadable obj file and rcm file. RCM is the Recap mesh and OBJ is a universal 3D model format. This shows that it was possible to process the 50 pictures using a cloud based service. Unfortunately, Autodesk intend to start charging for the service by subscription in December.

Also tried this with no luck. (not listed on the wiki.) 

Here are screen captures from the recap  web interface:



no shading


Textured and rotated



Screenshot from 2017-10-16 09-03-33


Screenshot from 2017-10-16 09-03-46

Another way, once recap is no longer free.

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