Craft Council Make:Shift:Do -28/10/2017

First tests of the light box.

When taking pictures for photogrammetry use, shadowless lighting is helpful. We are using a Raspberry pi and camera here which will be exchanged for a pi zero with wifi later to get rid of the wires. We are testing two different techniques. A stationary camera with the object to be photographed on a rotating turntable, and in the next picture the camera is on a moving gantry which goes around the stationary object.

2017-10-28 15.38.33

Both techniques have pros and cons, and we will find out which one best suits our need. Either moving the object, or moving the camera(s). The plan is to have 3 pi zeros at different angles on the gantry.

2017-10-28 14.13.43

Having captured the pictures, we need some software to process the picture into a 3D model and provide a file in the required format for printing on our 3D printer. We are still testing different software options based on suggestions on this site:

Some of our initial software tests are here: and more can be found using the photogrammetry tag or using the search.

The Laser cutter

Cutting a scale ruler to test and demonstrate the precision. The blue box is the extraction duct.

2017-10-28 14.07.12

Cutting the ruler. The phone on top of the case is being used as a torch to illuminate the inside of the case.

2017-10-28 14.06.31

Laser control panel.

2017-10-28 14.01.39

Laser control software running on Linux Mint.

2017-10-28 13.56.56

Laser cut and etched logo.

2017-10-28 13.55.52

Testing the cutting and etching ability on different materials.





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