Vulca Makers mobility program visit Blackpool Makerspace

“Vulca’s main objective is to understand the impact of makers & hackers on mobility throughout Europe.

To demonstrate this impact, we plan to launch a research project about makers & hackers and their mobility via several networks, including Fab Labs, Biolabs, Makerspaces & Hackerspaces.”

“With hundreds of spaces and thousands of citizens involved in the Makers/Hackers movement, VULCA will soon be working on a PILOT PROJECT in collaboration with the European Commission. Pioneers of the Makers/Hackers Mobility in Europe, we invite you to join the 3rd VULCA Seminar in POZNAN. We have organised this seminar in close collaboration with the Hack’Mak’Fab’ Poland network and Zaklad Makerspace.”

2 – 4 May Vulca seminar :-

First contact:-

Hi  Makerspace FY1,

We have seen your page on, so we have a question is MakerspaceFY1 is still alive and the Makers/Hackers community active in this part of Blackpool?

Just a quick introduction about us:
Vulca Makers Mobility Program is an Association created in 2015

We are starting 2019 with a ninth VULCA TOUR after 3 years traveling all over Europe.
Our team for this ninth VULCA TOUR is based on 2 Volunteers makers from France. I (Thomas Sanz) and Alexandre Rousselet.

Vulca is an initiative to facilitate the exchange of makers within the network of Fab Labs / Makerspace / Biolabs / Hackerspaces in Europe.
We are actively working to study and prove the Makers Mobility Impact. (Based on Skills and knowledge transfer, Soft Skills, and so on …).

Behind this European association, nearly 100 volunteers are working on that. They visited nearly 250 spaces these last few years and 2 members of our team are actually passing in UK.

This is our Agenda for this expedition:

1)  IRELAND – 14th to 24th January
(Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Sligo, Ballyshannon, Manorhamilton, Derry, Belfast)

2) SCOTLAND – 25th to 30th January 

(Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Findhorn, Edinburgh, Glasgow).

3) ENGLAND + WALES – 31st January to 28 February

Cockermouth + Dumfries – 31th

Sunderland + Newcastle upon Tyne – 1st

Airedale + Leeds + York + Hebden Bridge – 2/3rd

Lancaster + BlackPool + Preston – 4/5th

Work in progress

Can we come to Blackpool and meet you the 4th?
(When it suits for you the best)

If yes, when is it possible to meet you exactly? In attachment some picture of us in Ireland these last few days to make this email more personal and maybe you’ll see some familiar faces…

Have a good day.

Best regards.

Alex” & Thom”

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