Ubuntu 19.10 upside down

On Saturday, Les mentioned he was impressed with his new install of Ubuntu 19.10, so I decided to give it a try. This is what it looked like on my HP Probook 6440. Upside down!

The install took 17 minutes from booting the installer to rebooting into the new system. It is very responsive, and almost as fast as Xubuntu on the same machine.


Working upside down, I selected try ubuntu. Once started, I opened a terminal (still upside down) and used xrandr to look at the problem. The screen was set to inverted.


Screenshot from 2019-10-27 07-28-18

I thought I could use ‘inverted’ again to turn it the other way up, but not so. ‘Normal’ is the parameter needed, as shown in the screenshot  below.

The last command at the bottom shows the xranr command to correct the problem.

Screenshot from 2019-10-27 07-29-29

This is only a temporary fix which is lost after a reboot, so before rebooting, do this:

sudo apt-get remove iio-sensor-proxy 
the above info is from 'ask ubuntu'here: 
Fix inverted screen


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