2019.12.07 Palatine library meeting

Paula, Darcey, theo, Jeff, Mike, Joe, Arthur and Mark.

Arthur and Theo worked on proximity sensors and stepper motors for possible use in a model car project.

Tony intends to host the laser cutter, 3D printer and various other items and tools in his garage, giving us some ‘maker’ facilities. We can not set these items up in Palatine library.



Les, Tony, Arthur, Joe, Mark, Mike, Jeff, Stan and Theo.

the raspberry pi zero project moves on another step.

The pi on the right mirroring the windows machine on the left. Windows has tightvnc server running while the pi connects with remmina.

Tony brought some vintage die cast dinky cars for restoration.

Arthur worked on the range finder for his robot.

Joe continued work on his “war driving/walking” project.

Mark was familiarising himself with a new phone and installing required apps.

And in his own words, Les tweets:

2019.11.9 meeting


Mark, Anthony, Jeff and Mike.

The three items the raspberry pi zero project had been waiting for. HDMI to VGA converter, usb to usb converter (for the keyboard)

And a usb adapter for programming the SD card.

Nothing displayed on the screen as the pi booted, but fortunately, Anthony knew that the boot config file would need changing to indicate we had a VGA monitor attached and not an HDMI screen. Once Anthony demonstrated how to modify the config file we were in business.

Next week, Jeff is bringing his router for us to set up the WiFi connection.