RISC Vs CISC – Why Instruction Sets no longer matter

For a long time I believed RISC (reduced instruction set computing) was superior to CISC (complex instruction set computing) by being faster and more efficient, this article suggests otherwise. https://ethw.org/Why_Instruction_Sets_No_Longer_Matter “Having looked briefly at some samples of both the RISC and CISC instruction sets let us return now to the question at hand: which of […]

May 10th LUG & Makerspace Meeting

We had a somewhat quieter more chilled LUG after last week, present Mike (off course), Les, Tony, Arran, Elizabeth, her friend Susan, Keiron and me (Olly).Tony took Elizabeth through a step by step tutorial for downloading and installing Linux Mint on a laptop she had rescued, they experienced a few difficulties with the machine as it had come to Elizabeth in […]

gnu assembler for arm

 Custom Search [PDF] GNU ARM Assembler Quick Reference File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick ViewGNU ARM Assembler Quick Reference. A summary of useful commands and expressions for the ARM architecture using the GNU assembler is …microcross.com/GNU–ARM-Assy-Quick-Ref.pdf [PDF] An Introduction to the GNU Assembler File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobatother ARM assemblers; the GNU Assembler uses the same […]