Do It Yourself Open Source Hardware and Software Hacker friendly Modular Laptop

Update for 2018:- Do It Yourself Open Source Hardware and Software Hacker friendly Modular Laptop Price 225.00 EUR Build instructions.

Home made solar (thermal) panel

In January 2015, I posted an update of my attempts to make my home more energy efficient. So far, I have concentrated on insulation, and monitoring the effects. This link describes the progress. This summer (2016), I decided to try out an idea mention by another member, Donald. The idea was that you could […]

Upgrading Linux Mint 13 "Maya" to 14 "Nadia"

Olly finally got around to “Upgrading” his Sony Vaio VPCZ21MPE Ultrabook to Linux Mint 14.  he tried the upgrade path, admittedly it’s not recommended and his experience highlights why.  The upgrade instructions on Linux Mint’s site were basically how Linux Power Users used to upgrade their Distro’s back in the day, edit your sources.list file […]

Elonex ONEt hacking MiniBook as sold by Maplin and Novatech « on: September 11, 2008, 10:43:40 PM » I think this is the same device as the Elonex Onet Device manufacturer: The site of a Dutch guy who’s had some success in hacking software and hardware. This includes links to the Dutch importer’s site that are also […]

Elonex ONEt has ARM processor

Your best bet is the Dutch Trendtac user group… I have found that gang a very helpful bunch and with the most advanced “hacking” experience: There are a couple of thread there, specifically “Apps” and “Games” which have a collection of interesting stuff, mainly for me VNC viewer and Doom (!) Your first port […]

ARM on Elonex ONEt Ingenic has successfully ported the Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels on JZ series SoCs. Customers can download the toolchain and source code for free use. Linux Kernel Features: SOC: JZ4750/JZ4730/JZ4740/JZ4720 Kernel version: 2.4.20/ File systems: YAFFS and YAFFS2 JFFS2 EXT2 and EXT3 FAT16 and FAT32 UBI/UBIFS (2.6) Storage device drivers: NOR Flash  NAND Flash: SLC/MLC […]