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May 10th LUG & Makerspace Meeting

We had a somewhat quieter more chilled LUG after last week, present Mike (off course), Les, Tony, Arran, Elizabeth, her friend Susan, Keiron and me (Olly).Tony took Elizabeth through a step by step tutorial for downloading and installing Linux Mint on a laptop … Continue reading

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May 3rd LUG & Makerspace Meeting

So we had a bit of a discussion on the Mailing List following on from our debate on the way we should take the LUG/Makerspace forward, about what we should do at the May 3rd Meet at Ripon Road.  Since we … Continue reading

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Moving Forward – Plans For The Future

Although we weren’t scheduled to meet at Ripon Road for a couple of weeks due to various commitments we had an impromptu meeting at Ripon Road as Mike was able to open this week so we had an impromptu meeting … Continue reading

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Book Review: Podcasting Hacks – Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud By Jack D. Herrington

In July the LUG took over presenting the Main Podcast for the Full Circle Magazine, the four hosts: Les, Jon, Olly & Tony all had their own ideas about how a podcast should sound but had little idea of what … Continue reading

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Free ARM Emulators / Software ARM Device Emulators

Free ARM Emulators ARM microprocessors are used in embedded devices as well as portable devices like PDAs and some phones. The software ARM emulators listed on this page allow you to run an emulated ARM device on your main computer … Continue reading

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ARM development on a virtual platform

This is an article related to what is commonly called the Virtual Platform or Virtual Prototype. There are probably many definitions of what this means. here it means the Virtual Platform as a software model of a hardware system, created … Continue reading

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Fedora ARM in qemu

First attempts with Fedora Arm running in qemu on Linux Mint 8. The picture below (click to enlarge) shows a small c file in the Vi editor, with one line of inline ARM assembler (a NOP instruction) and a puts … Continue reading

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