New to ARM development?

If you are very new to ARM microcomputers, there’s no better introductory bookthan “The Insider’s Guide to the Philips ARM7-Based Microcontrollers” byTrevor Martin. Martin is an executive of Hitex, a UK vendor of embeddedmicrocomputer development software and hardware and he obviously understandshis material.You must register first, then you can download this e-book for free from […]

Getting started with an embedded Linux system emulator

One of the hallmarks of embedded system programming is working with specialized hardware, Unfortunately, embedded system developers do not always have the luxury to develop and test their code on the actual hardware they target. Often, the hardware is developed in tandem with the system and therefore it it is not available for much of […]

Debian ARM Linux on Qemu Qemu now emulates a few ARM cpus and it is possible to use qemu to boot an ARM kernel and a Debian system using a network boot. This page contains instructions and downloads to do that. The base system is “Sargebook” from OpenPsion, and my interest here is the extent to which this emulation […]

Cross Development Environment on Debian GNU/Linux Introduction In this HOWTO, we will explain how to set up a cross development environment for the ARM platform including the use of libglib2.0. The ARM processor can be found in a number of embedded devices and PDAs, e.g. the Zaurus and the iPAQ. Note All packages and versions are related to Debian SID. […]

Debian ARM cross compiler/toolchain Cross Toolchains We provide a set of apt-able tools built from standard Debian binutils and gcc sources. We are currently working on keeping the tools synchronised with Debian, and maintaining installable sets for unstable, testing and lenny. Builds are still handled manually so are sometimes out of date. If you have any trouble finding […]