Craft Council Make:Shift:Do -28/10/2017

First tests of the light box. When taking pictures for photogrammetry use, shadowless lighting is helpful. We are using a Raspberry pi and camera here which will be exchanged for a pi zero with wifi later to get rid of the wires. We are testing two different techniques. A stationary camera with the object to […]

Photogrammetry – Taking the pictures

This is a list of links compiled as I searched for advice on how to take pictures to use for photogrammetry. Each link is followed by an excerpt from the post. By far, the biggest impact on the final output file is what happens in the shooting phase. In fact, it is usually easier […]

Photogrammetry on the cheap

When I started looking at photogrammetry as a project for the Makerspace, my first impressions were of how expensive it was going to be. Expensive commercial software, expensive high powered computer to run the software on, expensive SLR camera to take the pictures, tripod, lights, filters, turntable…… the list went on and on. I wondered […]

Photogrammetry desktop software

For our Craft Council Make:Shift:Do project at the end of October 2017, we want to be able to take pictures of an object and turn the pictures into a file our 3D printer can print the object from. The following site has been testing all the free options: Summing up, the best free/open source […]

Cloud based Photogrammetry tests I used the comparison article on wikipedia to choose 3 free to use cloud based photogrammetry services. I selected:,, Note: arc3d requires a desktop application to to pre-process and upload the pictures. The application is available for xp, vista, windows7, Mac os10.7 and linux source code. I could not get the […]

Make:Shift:Do project – Photogrammetry

For the Craft Council Make:Shift:Do project at the end of the October 2017, we want to build a system which can scan a component or item and produce a 3D file which can be fed into the 3D printer to manufacture an identical component or item. here is an example of a scanner: Here […]