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Home made solar (thermal) panel

In January 2015, I posted an update of my attempts to make my home more energy efficient. So far, I have concentrated on insulation, and monitoring the effects. This link describes the progress. This summer (2016), I decided to … Continue reading

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Full Circle Podcast Update

We haven’t posted much about the how the podcast recordings have been going since Blackpool LUG took over producing the main show of Full Circle Magazine back in May of 2012.  We have now produced four episodes, the last being released … Continue reading

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Book Review: Podcasting Hacks – Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud By Jack D. Herrington

In July the LUG took over presenting the Main Podcast for the Full Circle Magazine, the four hosts: Les, Jon, Olly & Tony all had their own ideas about how a podcast should sound but had little idea of what … Continue reading

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Setting up a MythTV system based on Mythbuntu

Introduction This document records the steps that the Blackpool Linux User Group took to get a MythTV system up and working. Guide Goals of our MythTV machine: To provide a usable EPG (electronic program guide) for upcoming programmes To schedule … Continue reading

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Very basic Linux

These links should help you in your quest to understand how Linux ‘ticks’. If you download the kernel ‘bare.i’ from the Slackware/bootdisks link, then put it on a floppy with :- dd if=bare.i of=/dev/fd0you will then have a floppy … Continue reading

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