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May 10th LUG & Makerspace Meeting

We had a somewhat quieter more chilled LUG after last week, present Mike (off course), Les, Tony, Arran, Elizabeth, her friend Susan, Keiron and me (Olly).Tony took Elizabeth through a step by step tutorial for downloading and installing Linux Mint on a laptop … Continue reading

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ARM Programming tutorials

When trying to get started with Single board computers (SBC), System on module (SOM) and system on Chip (SOC), I found it difficult to track down good resources or tutorials. Sites like this:- seemed to hi-jack the search for … Continue reading

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ARM (assembler) programming reference material

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GNU ARM Assembler 3 page quick reference

Assembler Quick reference Not so quick at 30+ pages ARM GCC inline assembly

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Free ARM programming book

Free ARM programming book as PDF

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Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly

23. Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly Introduction General assembly ARM assembly THUMB assembly GAS: the GNU assembler A real world example: fast 16/32-bit copiers Original source here

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New to ARM development?

If you are very new to ARM microcomputers, there’s no better introductory bookthan “The Insider’s Guide to the Philips ARM7-Based Microcontrollers” byTrevor Martin. Martin is an executive of Hitex, a UK vendor of embeddedmicrocomputer development software and hardware and he … Continue reading

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