Miniature DC Motor driver resource

I spotted a link about drivers for small motors on We have a few of the shelf boards for easily driving motors such as: selecting the right components to roll your own depending on the motor you are driving can require a lot of web research in many different places. This seems to be a […]

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace Meeting 9th May 2015

Attending:Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Kieran, Phyllis, Tony, Les Arthur, Ricky, Jeff and Martin. The work on the new space is ongoing. The floor in the basement will be 100 mm higher after the insulation has been installed, necessitating a similar rise of 100 mm for the door lintels.With the Acro in place, bricks are removed […]

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace – at home with our new host.

Attending:Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Kieran, Phyllis, James, Les Arthur, Joe, Ricky, Jeff and Martin.  Mike Hull is our new host, and meetings now take place in the dining room of the ‘Crossways’, which Mike owns on Tyldesley Road in Central Blackpool. Directly below the dining room is the basement which will eventually become the new […]

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace – The great give away

Attending :-Mike, Joe, Chris, Phyllis, Kieran, Elizabeth, Jeff, Olly, and Arthur. The great give away started today, so if you want anything, make sure you let me know soon, there is only two weeks left before I close Ripon Road for good. Arthur left with two bags full of cdrom/dvd drives, and is coming back […]

Work (re)starts on the 3D printer

Attending:- Mike, Joe, Tony, Les, Michael(2), Richard, Arthur, Elizabeth, Susan, Phyllis, KieranWe were donated a 3D printer in need of some TLC last year. Details of the printer here, :- Donald started the ball rolling in October by refitted the filament drive motor and also re-aligned the the other drive belt. Description of the work is here:- Various other small […]