2021.04.24 virtual meeting

Attending the virtual meeting this week: Anthony, Arthur, Mike, surly dev, Theo and Darcey.

Topics this week

  • Scout camps and jamborees.. Anthony and Arthur.
  • Arrangements needed to get from Germany to England during pandemic restrictions.. Dev
  • Developing with Blender.. Theo and Darcey.
  • Bottling 40 pints of homebrew Indian pale ale.. Mike

2021.04.17 jitsi virtual meeting

Just Les and me (Mike) this morning. It is the first Saturday with reduced lockdown restrictions and is also a hot day. I imagine this combination is the reason for the reduced attendance. Les spent the morning installing windows 10 on this device:-

I talked about my first attempt to make five gallons of IPA (India pale ale) it will be ready in three weeks, I will report back then.


2021.04.10 jitsi virtual meeting

The usual suspects attended again this week, although Arthur was absent. Points discussed:

  • Arduino IDE port for Pico
  • Diesel engine design and air pollution
  • Growing lavender in raised beds, dealing with clay
  • Mars rover
  • Vegetarian and vegan food
  • Retro programming with the programming language called Basic
  • Old cotton mill water wheels around Durham repurposed to generate electricity
  • What we will do when we are released from ‘lockdown’ on Monday


UK draft legislation enshrines the right to repair in law – but don’t expect your mobile to suddenly be any easier to fix • The Register.



The virtual meeting this week was attended by five people. It was good to chat to Arthur again and catch up.



The virtual meetings on Jitsi start each week at 10am. For the past three weeks, the four usual suspects appeared, Tony, Barry, Theo and myself (Mike). There was only me and Theo early on this week, and we talked about the games Theo is programming in JavaScript – snake and pacman. I left early, maybe others turned up later.


28 November 2020

Attending this week’s virtual Makerspace, Theo, Tony, Barry and Mike.

We had short discussion about: audacity audio software.

Then a discussion on different techniques used to bake sourdough bread.


21 November 2020

Four people attended the virtual Makerspace via Jitsi this week. Although Tony wasn’t feeling too good and didn’t stay long. Theo and his sister Darcey have started making another game featuring criminals and secret agents. Barry is looking for a network switch to install in the church in Preston where he volunteers. I (Mike) warbled on about all sorts of stuff as usual. Gas boilers which always break down in the winter, never in summer. Electric heating, solar panels, house insulation ……


14 November 2020

We continue to meet each Saturday at 10 using Jitsi. Tony, Les Mike and Theo looked in this week. We talked about the numerous incarnations of the raspberry pi, growing tomatoes from cuttings, baking, jam making, game development and various other interesting topics. What else do makers do?


Linux user group Ten years ago – May 2010

With the Makerspace and LUG closed until further notice, I decided to take a trip down memory lane…….. again.

Ten years ago, the LUG had not yet formed the Makerspace and meetings still revolved around Linux. This week, Les provided the write up:-

Hi everyone

Great session today, I enjoyed chatting to Bob about his Linux
experience. Bob, welcome to the LUG, as I said, if there is anything
that you would like to do or see at the LUG, then just ask.

Mark & Bob
The joggler is a fantastic hobby gadget, £50 until the end of May and it
can run Ubuntu from a USB stick! It does only run on mains power, but
don’t let that put you off as there are loads of hacks that can be done
to this device, turning it from a lowly picture frame into a full blown
atom based PC.
What I like the most is the flexibility of the gadget, I can do what I
want with it (I’m actually thinking of using it as a fileserver for my
1TB external drive).
Anyway for more info follow the link below.

Also, especially for Bob, here is the Myth TV frontend for the joggler
that we discussed.

If you haven’t heard, or just not booked a place yet

Barcamp Blackpool is a FREE event at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Casino
(the White Tower, for all us oldies 😉 ) on the 3rd of July.
If you want to come along, then please grab a FREE ticket!
There will be free tea and coffee, lunch, swag and an evening do if you
fancy, all for £0.00p.
The event is called an “unconference” where people turn up and do a talk
on their chosen subject (tech related mainly).
You don’t have to talk, just grab a ticket, turn up and enjoy the day.

Tony, Mike and myself are looking to set up an Ubuntu booth to show off
Ubuntu to the attendees, and provide free cds!
If you are interested in helping, shout up.

Well thats all folks.