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Right to repair

Dear Blackpool Makerspace, I am getting in touch with you on behalf of The Restart Project, a London-based charity and social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. Last year, we held Fixfest UK, a UK-wide event in … Continue reading

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Virtual Arduino

Design and test Arduino circuits using the Tinkercad simulator.  Here I am testing the use of inline assembler instructions in the Arduino IDE to blink the onboard LED.

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A RISC-V CPU For Eight Dollars

New Part Day: A RISC-V CPU For Eight Dollars The big deal here is the Sipeed MAix-I module with WiFi, sold out because it costs nine bucks. Inside this module is a Kendryte K210 RISC-V CPU with 8MB of on-chip SRAM … Continue reading

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RISC Vs CISC – Why Instruction Sets no longer matter

For a long time I believed RISC (reduced instruction set computing) was superior to CISC (complex instruction set computing) by being faster and more efficient, this article suggests otherwise. “Having looked briefly at some samples of both the RISC … Continue reading

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Vulca Makers mobility program visit Blackpool Makerspace

“Vulca’s main objective is to understand the impact of makers & hackers on mobility throughout Europe. To demonstrate this impact, we plan to launch a research project about makers & hackers and their mobility via several networks, including Fab Labs, … Continue reading

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Trusting Linux

It is November 2018. I was searching for articles on linux security and came across reproducible builds here :- “Inconsistent Compiling Environments Lead to Inconsistent Behavior. different compilers will produce different machine code, even from identical source code. These … Continue reading

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3D printer is finished and operational.

The 3D printer which the Makerspace bought as a kit, had suffered intermittent problems with the drive belts. The problem has now been resolved. The repair involved replacing the drive wheels with wheels which have two locking screws instead of … Continue reading

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