2021.11.6 Meeting

Attending this week- Arthur, Tony,Mike and Theo.

Theo showed off the progress on his game. The Pi Zero 2W was discussed. I mentioned how my first computer, the Acorn Atom was less powerful than the cheapest Arduino, and it was suggested that hardly anyone needs the power of the latest Macbook pro with M1X chip.

2021.08.14 virtual meeting

Theo has been developing his game over many weeks during the school holidays. This week, we were treated to a simulated run of the game. The characters, some of whom were named after members of our group, battled it out to become “last man standing”.

2021.5.15 virtual meeting

Attending: Tony, Les, Barry, Dev, Theo and Mike.


  • Tony showed off some of the model cars he has been restoring.
  • Les has more single board computers to review.
  • Theo displayed an animation he had made.
  • Dev did a very realistic impersonation of a border patrol Alsatian sniffer dog finding illegal substances.
  • Barry said he felt old because he could remember the CDROM coming out. This of course brought forth mentions of 14.4k modems, floppy disks, tape drives….. And then on to a famous Monty python sketch!