1. Name of organisation :                                                                                             Blackpool Makerspace

2. Aims:                                                                                                                        A meeting place where members can converse, learn, socialise and collaborate to make their own projects a reality or help others with theirs.
To encourage others, especially junior members, to be constructive and develop their own projects.

3. Members:                                                                                                            Membership is open to all enquiring and/or creative minds.
Member’s details shall be entered in the Membership List.
Members shall pay a subscription to the club which shall be varied at the discretion of the Committee.
Junior Members shall be accompanied by an adult Member who shall be responsible for supervising the Junior Member.
Membership may be terminated by the Committee should a Member’s conduct be deemed unconductive to the well being of the Club or the Membership.

4. Equal opportunities:

The club will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

5. Committee:
Most matters concerning the running of the Club shall be decided by consensus of the Membership in ordinary meeting.
Matters which cannot be decided by general consensus shall be determined by the Committee. The Committee shall decide if a General Meeting of all Members is required to resolve an issue.
The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected annually by the Members.
The Committee shall work together for the best benefit of the Club and the Members.
The Committee shall be elected annually by the Membership. Should a Committee place become vacant for any reason the Membership shall elect an additional Committee member in a General Meeting to serve until the next annual election.

6. Meetings:
Annual General Meeting:
An Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held at least every 15 months.
Notice of an Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the Members via the email mailing list. Minimum notice of 14 days is required for an AGM.

General Meeting:  Under circumstances that concern the majority of the Members the Committee may call a General Meeting of Members to discuss matters.

7. Rules of procedure:
The Members wishes will be indicated by a show of hands in ordinary meetings and at the AGM.
The Committee, having considered the Members preferences, shall have discretion in all matters which may have legal implications for the Club and/or the Membership.

8. Finances:
The club is run on a not-for-profit basis and shall be self-sustaining in its operation.
The finances of the Club shall be controlled by the Committee.
A bank account shall be opened for the Club to hold the balance of funds.
Members shall pay a membership subscription.
The nature and amount of the subscription shall be decided by the Committee and
ratified by the Members at the AGM.

9. Changes to the Constitution:
Proposed changes to the Constitution should be notified to the Committee to be included for discussion at the next AGM.
Notice of proposed changes should be given at least seven days prior to the AGM.

10. Dissolution:
In circumstances that may lead to the dissolution of the Club the Committee shall call a General Meeting of Members.
In event of dissolution any assets of the club may be liquidated and any remaining funds, after all liabilities have been accounted for, shall be passed on to a group with similar aims to the Club.

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