Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings take place every Saturday morning starting around 10am. Please request an invite if you would like to join us.

We use Jitsi, and the meetings are usually general catch up conversations. Sometimes projects are discussed, but not usually showcased and or described in great detail. with projects happening at home now, there are not many detailed descriptions lately. (2021)

2022.10.01 virtual meeting


Theo, Surley, Simon and Mike.


This is the day gas and electricity prices doubled compared to last winter. It would be trebled not doubled, but the government stepped in and made up the difference. So all things electric dominated the discussion. Air friers versus ovens, tumble driers versus clotheslines/racks, devices on standby, phantom power usage and so on. WiFi got a mention with regard to how many people could stream Netflix,iPlayer etc. Before buffering started to be noticed.

2022.09.03 Virtual meeting

Attending: Tony, Theo, Mike, Barry and Surley

This week, energy costs were discussed at length. Tony and I (Mike) have been monitoring energy usage for many years using: This is a manual system where I read the meter and enter the reading on the site.

This graph show my electricity usage pattern since 2013. Hovering over each small circle on the graph shows the date, the average usage that week and the meter reading.

I also have solar water heating which is graphed in real time here:-

2022.07.02 Blackpool makerspace virtual meeting


Barry, Mike, Surley and Theo


A journey to Bristol with cruise control set to 70MPH resulted in spending £12.50 more on fuel than the return journey from Bristol with cruise control set to 55MPH. Petrol is closing in on £10 per gallon and we talked about our earliest vehicles and the cost of fuel way back when…

My first vehicle was a Lambretta scooter and my first gallon of fuel was two shillings, which is now called ten pence. No prizes for guessing my age.

2022.06.11 Blackpool Makerspace virtual meeting


Theo, Barry and Mike.

Theo was working on a zombie game, Barry was installing a lightweight Linux (Antix?) on a celeron based laptop, and I (mike) was altering a box loop antenna to allow my crystal radio to receive longwave transmissions. I succeeded in receiving RTE 1 from Dublin and BBC radio 4.