Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings take place every Saturday morning starting around 10am. Please request an invite if you would like to join us.

We use Jitsi, and the meetings are usually general catch up conversations. Sometimes projects are discussed, but not usually showcased and or described in great detail. with projects happening at home now, there are not many detailed descriptions lately. (2021)

2022.04.30 Virtual meeting


Mike Theo Barry and Surly.


Power boats, motorbikes and two stroke engines. Gardening on clay by putting a raised bed over the clay. Lightweight Linux for old computer.

WW2 minesweeping with wellington bomber “Vickers engineers then removed the bomb racks, bombsight, guns and all unnecessary equipment to reduce weight and free up space for a Ford V8 automobile engine driving a 35-kilowatt Mawdsley electric generator. The former gun positions were faired over to streamline the fuselage. Also, because the magnetic coil rendered normal compasses useless, the Wellington was fitted with a gyrocompass.”

2022.04.02 virtual meeting


Theo,Tony,Barry,Surly and Mike.

This week we were treated to another outside broadcast from Surly. Barry showed the finished version of his candle holder and was considering how to make the plans available to those interested. Tony was considering buying a cast iron Dutch oven from Aldi. I use a Dutch oven for making sourdough bread. Theo was concentrating on his game development.

2022.03.19 virtual meeting


Mike, Surly, Barry

Surly finally tested his new quadcopter on the beach only to discover the GPS could not get a lock. He returned it for a refund. Barry was beginning to experiment with Inkscape and felt like he needed a tutor. Mike tried windows subsystem for Linux on windows 11.

2022.03.12 virtual meeting


Barry, Surly, Theo, Mike.

Theo showed off his old Acer aspire one netbook still running Windows XP. We talked about how ‘light’ on resources XP had been. Linux fans believed Linux was lighter still, but not according to our tests in 2004, see link below.

Ubuntu on XP capable hardware