Right to repair – International repair day

Saturday 19 October 2019 marks the third International Repair Day,  and the theme this year is “Repair for Future”. The “Repair for Future” theme for International Repair Day reminds us that we have to act now in a way that will ensure the survival of today’s young people and future generations, not just here in […]

Vulca Makers mobility program visit Blackpool Makerspace

“Vulca’s main objective is to understand the impact of makers & hackers on mobility throughout Europe. To demonstrate this impact, we plan to launch a research project about makers & hackers and their mobility via several networks, including Fab Labs, Biolabs, Makerspaces & Hackerspaces.” “With hundreds of spaces and thousands of citizens involved in the […]

Energy Self-Sufficiency in an Urban Environment

2018/8/18 meeting Some of the members of Blackpool Makerspace have been considering undertaking one or more energy self-sufficiency based projects with reference to a Blackpool Town-House. Water recycling, Solar hot water generation, Solar electric generation, wind generation of electricity, other types of generators which can or could use a range of different fuels. Also considered […]

AGM Summary

Attending: Mike, Tony, Les, Jeff, Mark, Dave and Josh. Mike Hull was re-elected as Chairman, Mike Hewitt was re-elected as secretary and Tony Hughes was re-elected as Treasurer. The Treasurers report indicated the club finances were in reasonable shape with a small surplus. It was discussed if we should spend this surplus on tools and equipment, […]

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace May 30th 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewit, Joe, Ricky, Tony Jeff and Martin This week Tony experimented with an Arduino driving motors salvaged from floppy/hard drives, with Martin as an interested observer. Ricky was repairing his robot which had suffered from a ‘meltdown’ Joe continued working on his gaming servers, while I looked at dcore  Linux, a […]